5 Alternative Real Estate Investments for North Canton Area Investors

Ready to broaden your investment opportunities? Real estate holds value over the long term which can help hedge against inflation. Several alternative options exist for real estate investments in addition to the traditional single-family home, unfamiliar to a majority of investors, these niches are worth investigating. With far less competition, buyers pursuing these avenues are likely to realize higher returns on their investment dollars. Here are 5 alternative real estate investments for North Canton area investors.


Land is a low maintenance alternative real estate investment for North Canton area investors. Commonly the only cost is the yearly property tax, which is typically very low on undeveloped land. One strategy with land is to hold it for the long term as the value steadily grows. If you purchased at below market value, which is very common in land investments, you can flip the property. You could even offer to finance and earn interest. An advantage of raw land is that the foreclosure proceedings are speedier, should they go into default. Additionally, you could improve the land, which in itself offers a variety of options, depending on the location of the land.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes offer another alternative real estate investment for North Canton area investors. With a variety of options, you will find mobile homes on private land or in a resident-owned community that operates much like a homeowner’s association, known as an HOA. It would behoove you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the association prior to completing your purchase. Mobile home parks charge a monthly rent for the land while you maintain ownership of the mobile home, it is advisable to carefully review the prospectus in these parks.

Real Estate Notes

For those with no interest in becoming a landlord, notes are a fantastic alternative real estate investment for North Canton area investors. There are a variety of ways to enter this market. While these are complicated transactions, banks or originators of mortgages often bundle notes and sell them. New holders agree upfront to the terms of the original note. When notified of this change, borrowers will begin to make payments to the new holder. Mortgage notes, secured by real estate, offer an opportunity for saving over the long term while earning monthly income and interest. As the holder, you remain in control of when and how you sell your note. 

Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties offer two types of alternative real estate investments for North Canton area investors. Small properties, those with two to four residential units and large multi-family investment properties, with five or more units. Less competition in this market allows a higher likelihood of buying the property you are interested in, as opposed to single-family homes, with competition that can be fierce at times. Benefiting from the potential for high earnings through this type of investment far outweighs the risks.

Commercial Property

Commercial properties are high earning alternative real estate investments for North Canton area investors. One of the biggest benefits being leases which secure the asset, providing a regular income stream. This security makes commercial properties low-risk investments. Investors typically purchase or develop properties designed to accommodate commercial tenants, commonly business and retail. 

Ready to learn more about how to make money alternative real estate investments for North Canton area investors? Diversity in your portfolio is the cornerstone of successful Investments. At Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. No matter your area of interest, land, mobile homes, notes, multi-family, commercial, or any combination of these alternative investments, our job is to help you strengthen your real estate portfolio. To learn more about us and what we can do for you, send us a message or call Global Real Estate Solutions LLC today at (330) 969-4175!

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